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Vaccination scenario

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When do we expect to be able to vaccinate different groups against COVID-19?

2021.04.15 EN vaksinering nøkternt.JPG

Coronavirus vaccination is underway in Norway. How quickly we can offer vaccines to different population groups is uncertain. It depends in particular on which vaccines are approved and when, and how many doses will be delivered in the future.
Here are two scenarios; one is conservative about how many vaccines and doses will be available, while the other is more optimistic in the estimate for deliveries and approval of vaccines.
The tables are based on estimates. We do not have more data to give out beyond the numbers already given in the scenarios.


2021.04.15 EN vaksinering nøkternt.JPG


2021.04.15 EN vaksinering optimistisk.JPG

See the vaccination scenario for assumptions and background data.

12.03.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios kl 15:45

24.02.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios kl 14.

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