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  • Vaccine against coronavirus - Spikevax (Moderna)

Information note

Vaccine against coronavirus - Spikevax (Moderna)

Published Updated

Information letter about the coronavirus vaccine from Moderna in several languages. The letter is intended for people who are offered this vaccone to help them take an informed choice.

2021.09.17 English Moderna.JPG

24.06.2021 The product name was changed from COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna to Spikevax. The pdf files below are not updated with this change.


Audio files in some languages:

English (speech synthesis):

Norwegian (bokmål) (speech synthesis):







A brief overview with pictures intended for people who, for various reasons, need a simpler presentation can be found here: 

17.09.2021: Updated English, Bokmål, Nynorsk versions. The other languages will be replaced as they become available.

24.06.2021: Product name changed to Spikevax

08.06.2021: Updated audio files in languages other than English and Norwegian

31.03.2021: Replaced audio files for Norwegian and English

13.01.2021 Oppdatering til informasjonsarkene: "Husk å informere dersom du er gravid, har allergi, bruker medisiner eller har andre helseproblemer". 


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  • Year: Jan 2021, Feb 2021, Sept 2021
  • By: Norwegian Institute of Public Health