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Weekly reports for coronavirus and COVID-19

Here you will find the weekly report about coronavirus and COVID-19-epidemic in Norway. The latest summary is translated to English, earlier reports can be found below.

Here you will find the weekly report about coronavirus and COVID-19-epidemic in Norway. The latest summary is translated to English, earlier reports can be found below.

Assessment week 25

  • Overall, both monitoring data and modelling show that transmission is still at a low level.

  • Following a decrease in weekly COVID-19 cases from week 13, the number of reported cases has been stable with small changes over the past four weeks. The number of people tested for COVID-19 in week 25 was at a similar level number to week 24. The proportion who tested positive has remained below 1 % over the last five weeks and was 0.46 % last week.

  • The number of hospitalisations as a result of COVID-19 has been 10 or fewer in the last five weeks, and over the last six weeks a total of 10 new patients with confirmed COVID-19 have been admitted to intensive care.

  • In the past week there has been a slight increase in the number of COVID-19 associated deaths compared to the previous week. The four deaths in week 25 were all related to nursing homes. The trend continues to show a marked decline in the number of COVID-19 associated deaths since week 15. The general mortality rate in the population is calculated to be normal in recent months.

  • Mathematical modelling has estimated a continued decline in the number of new infected cases and that so far in the epidemic, about 0.7 % of the population has been infected with COVID-19.

  • The overall surveillance indicates that there is still a low spread of COVID-19 in the population and that infection is mainly around known cases. A sporadic increase of cases is expected in connection with local outbreaks and clusters. It is important that the gradual reopening of various functions in society is closely followed up locally through contact tracing, isolation of the sick, high test capacity and quarantine according to current advice.

Summary week 25

  • A total of 8,748 cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 in Norway have been reported to MSIS. This corresponds to 163 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In week 25, 105 cases were reported compared to 82 cases in week 24. A total of 330 municipalities reported no cases in week 25.

  • A total of 312,184 people were tested for SARS-CoV-2, which is 5.8 % of the population. In week 25, 23,076 were tested compared to 24,612 in week 24. The proportion of positive among those tested increased from 0.33 % in week 24 to 0.46 % in week 25.

  • The proportion of positive test results among those tested was below 0.7 % (0.1-0.7 %) in all age groups last week and was highest in Oslo in both week 24 (0.7 %) and week 25 (1.4 %) .

  • The median age since the first case was reported is 45 years and 50 % of cases are women. Last week, the median age was 32 years and 61 % were women.

  • From week 13 there has been a steady decline in the number of suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases (ICPC-2 codes R991 and R992) and other respiratory pathogens in doctors’ surgeries and out-of-hours emergency clinics, but this has increased somewhat over the past week.

  • A total of 1,142 patients with proven COVID-19 have been admitted to hospital in Norway. For 929 people (81 %), COVID-19 was the main reason for hospitalisation. In the past five weeks, the number of new cases admitted per week with COVID-19 as the main reason was less than 10. There were four new admissions in week 25.

  • Two new patients with confirmed COVID-19 have been admitted to the intensive care unit in week 25, and four in week 24. From weeks 20 to 23, one new patient was admitted to intensive care per week.

  • It is estimated that about 95 % of all COVID-19 patients have recovered. In general, recovery is defined as being alive and not in hospital 14 days after detection of COVID-19.

  • 247 COVID-19 associated deaths (4.6 per 100,000) have been notified to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Four of the deaths occurred in week 25. The average age of those who have died is 82 years.

  • Based on results from mathematical models, the reproduction number in Norway since 20th April, 2020 is estimated to be 0.72 (0.53 - 0.87). We also present results from a new model that can more quickly detect changes in R. It is estimated that there have been a total of between 33,000 - 43,000 infected cases in Norway (of which about 23 % have been diagnosed), and that there has been a decline in new cases in recent weeks. With few new cases and admissions, there will be greater uncertainty in the reproduction number.

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