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PasOpp report

Inpatients’ experience with specialist mental health care. Results from a large scale survey in 2014


Key message

The results from the national user experience survey among adult inpatients in psychiatric health care show a potential for improvement in several areas, and especially the following:

The patients reported most positive experiences with:

• The way they were met at the institution

• That they felt safe at the institution

There is potential for improvement at the institutions in these areas:

• The therapists’/personnel’s cooperation with next of kin

• The therapists’/personnel’s preparation for the time after discharge

• Influence on the treatment

• Influence on medication

• Information about psychological distress/diagnosis

• Information on treatment options

• Enablement of the patients by help and treatment to understand and master mental health problems

• Help and treatment to get confidence in a better life after discharge

• Perceived outcome of treatment

• Satisfactory help from the municipality

• Help from health services

• Cooperation between different healthcare services

The results from the qualitative comments complement and correspond with the quantitative results and indicate that the questionnaire covers the areas that patients consider important. The subject most frequently commented on was the treatment, the staff, to recover/get better and being able to cope with life or get a better life.


About this publication

  • Year: 2014
  • ISSN (digital): 1890-1565
  • ISBN (digital): 978-82-8121-909-0