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  • Early childhood weight trajectories in eating disorders


Early childhood weight trajectories in eating disorders - project description


We aim to examine whether early childhood growth trajectories represent a significant prospective risk factor for the later development of eating disorders.


By testing whether early growth deviates from the norm - even well before the first signs of an eating disorder appear - we'll gain valuable knowledge about the role of potential metabolic and biological factors in the etiology of eating disorders. This is especially important for moving the field of eating disorders forward, because the majority of existing research has focused largely on sociocultural risk factors. The knowledge gained from our study will help inform our ability to better identify individuals at high risk for eating disorders and intervene prior to entrenchment of a chronic illness.

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Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics

Project owner/ Project manager

Oslo University Hospital – Ullevål

External participants

Collaborating institutions: University of North Carolina (UNC) and Modum Bad Nervesanatorium