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Health personnel's communication of children’s weight status: What is effective and what are the childrens' and parents' experiences and preferences? A mixed methods systematic review - project description


The Division of Health Services in the Norwegian Institute of Public Health was commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health to conduct a mixed methods systematic review of empirical research about communication of children’s underweight, overweight or obese status to children and their parents.



  1. To assess the effects of communication methods and strategies used by health personnel to inform parents and/or the child that routine weight and height screening identified the child as underweight, overweight or obese with a focus on knowledge, attitudes, emotional reactions and action.
  2. To explore parents' and childrens' views and experiences of and preferences for communication with health personnel about a child’s weight after routine weight screening.

The protocol can be found as a PDF-file to the left on this web page.

About the project