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Access to data from the Medical Birth Registry of Norway

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Project managers in research institutions can apply for access to data from the MBRN for research purposes and scientific publishing. For researchers, access to data will typically involve the release of de-identified or anonymised personal data in accordance with the MBRN Regulations and the Privacy Act.

Purpose of the MBRN (Regulation § 1-3)

Some of the aims of the MBRN are to: 

  • collect and process data on births and induced abortions in Norway to monitor the frequency and study the causal relationship of: 
    • illness and death among women related to pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period 
    • pregnancy and birth that may contribute to children being susceptible to physical or mental abnormalities or disabilities
    • abnormal birth weight, diseases, abnormalities and injuries among new-borns and infants 
    • stillbirth and infant death
  • conduct and provide a basis for research aimed to improve the quality of prenatal care, obstetrics and post-natal care by monitoring quality indicators
  • provide a scientific basis for advice and information to health authorities and the public to prevent stillbirth and infant death.

Use and delivery of data from the MBRN is evaluated according to the agreed purposes.

Application for release of information

Who can receive data?

Researchers may receive data in the form of tables for health monitoring or research for an explicitly declared purpose, within the MBRN’s regulations. Research projects must be evaluated as legitimate and justifiable (from an ethical perspective). Health personnel, students and others can receive data for use within the MBRN’s regulations. If you require additional data or statistics beyond those published on our website, please contact us. For price and access enquiries contact: datatilgang@fhi.no

Application forms

For access to data and biological material, use the electronic application for access to data.


According to Norwegian legislation, a decision about data delivery can be challenged. Any complaints should be sent to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. If the institute does not respond satisfactorily, the complaint can be sent further to the Department of Health and Social Care for a final decision.