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MoBa research data files

Published Updated

Version 12 of the MoBa data was made available to researchers in January 2019. The table below shows the number of participant forms included in version 12.

All available participant forms are complete in version 12.

For the questionnaires answered during pregnancy (Questionnaire 1-3, Father) the pregnancy is the unit. For all questionnaires answered by the mother after birth, the unit is the child.

In 2015-2016, a new questionnaire was sent out to all fathers in MoBa. Part 1 of this questionnaire use father as unit, and part 2 use child as unit.



Version 12

Questionnaire 1 (pregnancy 17-20 weeks)

102 151

Questionnaire 2 (C/D/W) (pregnancy diet)

87 690

Questionnaire 3 (pregnancy 30 weeks)

94 156

6 months questionnaire

89 655

18 months questionnaire

76 404

3 years questionnaire

58 838

5 years questionnaire

41 617

7 years questionnaire

54 777

8 years questionnaire

43 616

Father’s questionnaire - total

77 242

Father’s questionnaire - long version

34 498

Father’s questionnaire no. 2 – Part 1: About the father

29 345

Father’s questionnaire no. 2 – Part 2: About the child

34 910

Questionnaire influenza child

15 041

Questionnaire influenza mother

12 287

Ultrasound form (pregnancy 17-20 weeks)

91 659

Medical Birth Registry of Norway (MBRN) 1

114 143

1 Standard variables from the child’s birth record in Medical Birth Registry of Norway (MBRN) can be accessed with other data from MoBa without a separate application to MBRN.

Researchers may apply for access to and use of data from the MoBa cohort in their research. The application procedure describes how to apply for access to data in MoBa.

If you have received data from MoBa earlier and need updated data, please send your request to MoBaadm@fhi.no.

The pricelist give information on prices for access to data and updated data from MoBa.

Data based on free text

Occupational information from questionnaire 1 is coded for approximately 70 % of the participants. Occupational data is mainly available on an aggregate level. If more specific information is requested, a careful assessment of the overall data set must be performed to ensure the protection of participants’ identities and privacy.

Coding of medication is complete for all questionnaire forms included in version 12.

Data based on free text are not part of MoBa standard data and must be specified in the application when applying for data.