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Data access from health registries, health studies and biobanks

Applying for access to data

You can apply for data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's health registries and health studies. Researchers can also apply for access to biological material from the biobanks. Here you will find guidelines, electronic application forms and other information.

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Use the electronic application forms to apply for access to statistics, data or biological material from health registries or health studies managed by the NIPH. The electronic application forms for access to data replace S601, S601B and S602 in Norwegian and English. If you have already begun to apply in Word format you may submit this during the transition period in autumn 2014.

You must first log in to use this service. You can save your application and continue to edit it until it is ready for submission. It is also possible to give others access to edit the application, they must be added as co-users.

Principles for publishing

The health studies have their own guidelines for publication. The most important common rules are:

  • No results should be made public in the media before publication in scientific journals or presented as a printed abstract for a scientific conference or congress.
  • The project leader must send all manuscripts to the steering group before sending for scientific publication.
  • Abstracts should be sent to the steering group after publication.
  • Results must not be published in such a way that individuals can be identified.
  • If the author does not receive a reply within 2 weeks, the manuscript can be sent further for publication.
  • The Vancouver-rules form the basis for co-authorship.
  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health does not have scientific responsibility for content in publications from external reseachers. 
  • All publications that use data from health studies should refer to that particular health study and that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health carries out the health studies together with the collaborative partner - see the individual guidelines for each study.