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The Gro Harlem Brundtland Visiting Scholarship



The visiting scholar program hosts young researchers from Norway and abroad.

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The Centre for Fertility and Health was established in 2017 at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health as a Centre of Excellence granted from the Norwegian Research Council. The Centre will study health implications of changes in family constellations, such as parental age, number of children and new family structures and the use of artificial reproductive technologies. These topics are analysed from both the child and adult perspectives. The Centre collaborates nationally and internationally with researchers representing a wide span of scientific disciplines including in medicine, genetics, epidemiology, psychology, statistics, economics, demography and other social sciences.

The Centre for Fertility and Health is strongly committed to the education and engagement of young researchers and has established the Gro Harlem Brundtland Visiting Scholarship. This visiting scholar program hosts young researchers from Norway and abroad to engage in collaborative research and to participate in and enrich the research community at the Centre and at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We are currently not accepting applications for this visiting scholar program. We will announce a new deadline for applications in 2019.

Applicants should hold or be qualified to hold university posts or similar; however, we welcome applicants from other areas, including intergovernmental and non-profit organizations. Visiting scholars should hold a PhD or equivalent. Applications are evaluated according to the fit between the Centres research themes and the applicants’ background, research record, and their proposed plans for their stay at the Centre. Visiting scholars are expected to be in residence during their term, the duration of which should be around 3 months (at least 2, at most 6 months). Each scholar is expected to give presentations during their term on their research and to showcase the results of his or her stay at the Centre.

In addition to work space, computer, and library access, visiting scholars enjoy a salary that matches their level of qualification and access to meeting and workshops organized at the Centre. Each scholar is responsible for securing his or her own visa, if required; however, we can provide administrative assistance with the process. We also provide assistance with finding housing and other formalities connected to relocation for the purpose of this scholarship.

Candidate visiting scholars should submit the following:

  • CV, including publication list
  • A two-page personal statement including:
    • a description of the project that you intend to work on during your stay
    • the expected outcome of your scholarship stay at the Centre
    • the Centre team member(s) with whom you want to work and how your proposal connects to their expertise. The Centre encourages cross-cutting projects and applicants should specify how their interests intersect with the range of expertise at the Centre.
    • the expected contribution to the Centre
    • proposed start and end dates
  • Names and contact information for two professional references, one of whom can be a Centre team member

Application deadline: The deadline was on August 15, 2018. We will announce a new deadline for applications in 2019.

Applications to be submitted to cefh@fhi.no