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CeFH lunch seminar: Research Centre for Developmental Processes and Gradients in Mental Health - PROMENTA

Presentation by Tilmann von Soest and Espen Røysamb, University of Oslo

About the CeFH lunch seminars

Our lunch seminars are informal research seminars that are held normally every Friday. Both researchers at the Centre and researchers from all over the world present interesting topics in fertility and health. The presentations include new research ideas, projects, results and methods as well as possible collaborative projects.

Although primarily aimed at researchers at the Centre, the seminars are also open to other researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Please contact Fredrik Swift if you have questions about the seminar or if you would like to give a presentation

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08. Feb 2019 - 11:00-12:00 | Seminar
Marcus Thranes gate 2, meeting room 2nd floor

About the speakers

Espen Røysamb is professor of psychology at the Department of Psychology, UiO, and senior researcher (20%) at FHI. He is Head of Section for Health, Developmental and Personality Psychology, and is designated director of PROMENTA.

Tilmann von Soest is professor in personality psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. He is designated co-director of PROMENTA.

About the presentation

The presentation will focus on the PROMENTA Research Centre, which will be established in August 2019. PROMENTA aims to provide answers to three central questions in mental health, well-being, and drug use research: What processes lead to poor and good mental health, and how? How do social and geographic inequalities in mental health arise? How can we develop, tailor, and evaluate effective interventions in communities to promote good mental health? To address these questions, we examine sources of mental health on a variety of levels, such as genetic risk, neurocognitive development, the psychosocial environment, and the socio-cultural and political context.

By applying an interdisciplinary approach, integrating perspectives from genetics, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, sociology, econometrics, and informatics, PROMENTA will deliver knowledge to promote well-being, prevent poor mental health and drug use problems, and reduce social and geographic inequalities in mental health. We will use several large longitudinal datasets combining register data, genetically informative data, neuroimaging data, and data collected by mobile applications. Moreover, we will make use of geodata, large-scale repeated cross-sectional surveys, and ethnographic fieldwork. Together with relevant users and stakeholders, we will conduct and evaluate interventions at the municipality level.

PROMENTA is based at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo (UiO). PROMENTA’s partner institutions are the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO; the University Center for Information Technology, UiO; the Norwegian Institute of Public Health; the Norwegian WHO Healthy Cities Network; Oslo Metropolitan University; Leiden University (the Netherlands); and Virginia Commonwealth University (USA). Several national and international collaborators are associated with the center.