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CeFH lunch seminar: NMR Metabolomics in large-scale cohorts: Molecular insights and translational outlook

Presentation by Peter Würtz, Nightingale Health

About the CeFH lunch seminars

Our lunch seminars are informal research seminars that are held normally every Friday. Both researchers at the Centre and researchers from all over the world present interesting topics in fertility and health. The presentations include new research ideas, projects, results and methods as well as possible collaborative projects.

Although primarily aimed at researchers at the Centre, the seminars are also open to other researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Please contact Fredrik Swift if you have questions about the seminar or if you would like to give a presentation

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Marcus Thranes gate 2, meeting room 201, 2nd floor

Peter Würtz and Nikolaos Tertipis from Nightingale Health are visiting the Centre for Fertility and Health.

Peter Würtz will be talking about "NMR Metabolomics in large-scale cohorts: Molecular insights and translational outlook". The presentation will focus on scientific applications of the metabolomics platform to a wide range of chronic diseases, including the onset of diabetes and related complications, cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers as well as frailty and ageing. It will also touch upon combining metabolomics data and genetics to enhance drug development. As an example, it will then go on to elaborate on how the translation of such study results to individual patient use will be outlined in terms of enhanced disease prediction and health tracking, as already adopted by private healthcare in Scandinavia. To conclude, the presentation will demonstrate how the cost-effective measurement of numerous blood biomarkers in one go opens up a whole new spectrum of applications in large biobanks with rapid integration to preventive care.