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  • New postdoc at CEFH - Magnus Nordmo


New postdoc at CEFH - Magnus Nordmo

The Rementa project is finally teamed up as postdoc Magnus Nordmo started this year.

Magnus Nordmo.
Magnus Nordmo.

The Rementa project is finally teamed up as postdoc Magnus Nordmo started this year.

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Magnus is a trained psychologist who completed his PhD from the University of Oslo in December 2020. The work presented in his PhD research deals with patient recovery following psychotherapy. One of the findings, published in Psychotherapy Research, concludes that patients have different therapy dosage requirements. Patients who are less afflicted demonstrate speedy improvement, while more severely suffering patients show a larger but slower rate of improvement. A parallel finding is that patients suffering from a personality disorder show a comparable rate of improvement, in comparisons with patients who do not qualify for a personality disorder. Magnus has a broad research interest in health-related topics with practical significance. Together with co-authors he has published an article demonstrating the challenges facing obesity interventions 

In addition to his academic work, Magnus has several years of experience working as a clinical psychologist, as well as experience relating to the development of low-threshold interventions for common mental health problems. In 2017, he was awarded a large grant in order to produce open-access mental health tools. He has also done research on this topic.  

- I am very happy that Magnus decided to join us. He has solid clinical experience and is skilled in statistical analyses – a very useful combination, says Fartein Torvik, project leader for Rementa.  

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