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  • Meet Yunsung Lee - our new researcher


Meet Yunsung Lee - our new researcher

CeFH welcomes researcher Yunsung Lee to the team.


CeFH welcomes researcher Yunsung Lee to the team.

Yunsung Lee holds a master's degree in statistics from University of Oslo and has worked as a Ph.D fellowship and data manager at FHI. Before Yunsung came to Norway, he worked as a statistician at Seoul National University Hospital, and as an operational engineer for a steel producing company in South Korea. He decided to pursue higher education in Norway because he thought the data-rich environments in Norway were a huge attraction to his career path, and he still thinks it was a great decision. 

His Ph.D. project, led by Anil Jugessur, was to investigate epigenetic aging and telomere biology in relation to female fecundity. During the Ph.D. period, he visited Dr. Steve Horvath’s laboratory at UCLA (CA, USA) for six months and published an article that proposed new epigenetic clocks for estimating placental aging. Leveraging the experience gained from his Ph.D. work, he has worked on EWAS and GWAS of various phenotypes and provided with statistical support for research projects in prenatal epidemiology. 

Yunsung will be working on the asthma project led by Per Magnus and continue to participate in other genetic/epigenetic research led by Siri Håberg. Yunsung also has an interest in epigenetic aging in both adults and newborns in relation to fertility. 

- Yunsung is a talented young statistician. He has worked on methods for analyzing biological aging in his doctoral thesis. It is a pleasure to welcome Yunsung to the Centre, says Centre Director Per Magnus.  

Yunsung is very pleased with being a part of such a dynamic research group like Centre of Fertility and Health. He is looking forward to learning from experts in relevant fields and pursue his research career.