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Overview of events and meetings in the Centre.

Check our events calendar to read about each event. The Centre organise several events:

CeFH Lunch Seminars

Our lunch seminars are informal research seminars that are held normally every Friday. Both researchers at the Centre and researchers from all over the world present interesting topics in fertility and health. The presentations include new research ideas, projects, results and methods as well as possible collaborative projects.

Although primarily aimed at researchers at the Centre, the seminars are also open to other researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Please contact Fredrik Swift if you have questions about the seminar or if you would like to give a presentation.

CeFH Genetic Fridays

The Genetics Fridays include presentations and discussions, and are open for all employees at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and collaborators who are working with genetics, planning to implement genetics in their work or merely have an interest in genetics. The intention is to create an informal gathering where those who are interested can share knowledge and experience, come up with ideas and discuss projects and methods. The meeting will start with a presentation at 13:00, but the available workspaces of the centre can be used all day for mingling and discussions regarding genetics.

Contact Kristine Løkås Jacobsen if you have ideas on interesting topics we can address, and/or if you want to present something yourself.

CeFH Biostatistical seminar

The biostatistical seminar takes place on a monthly basis. The focus at these seminars is on methods and their mathematical backgrounds. Applications may also be presented. We invite a broad range of researcher from Norway and abroad to discuss various topics such as causal inference, Bayesian methods, variable selection, and more!

Statisticians ans data analysts from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health are invited at every meeting. People from the outside of the institute are also welcome to join. If you want to present your latest research, please contact William Denault.