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  • CeFH Seminar: Creative thinking II


CeFH Seminar: Creative thinking II

Mini-seminar with Roberta B. Ness

Mini-seminar with Roberta B. Ness

7. May | 2019

Marcus Thranes gate 7, 7th floor, Utsikten

More tools for thinking differently. Practice exercises. Bringing it all back into normal science. Daily strategies.

Roberta B. Ness, MD, MPH, Rockwell Professor of Public Health at the University of Texas, has been called one of America’s foremost experts in innovative thinking. She is author of four books Innovation Generation, a systematic method about how to maximize your creativity; as well as Creativity in the Sciences, Genius Unmasked, and The Creativity Crisis, a workbook, storybook, and critical appraisal of institutional barriers to innovation. Dr. Ness has given over 90 talks and workshops on innovative thinking. 
A recognized expert in medicine and public health, Dr. Ness is former dean of The University of Texas School of Public Health, one of the largest such Schools in the US.

This mini-seminar on creative thinking is organised by the Centre for Fertility and Health.