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  • CeFH lunch seminar: Trine B. Haugen "Male reproductive health"


CeFH lunch seminar: Trine B. Haugen "Male reproductive health"

Presentation by Trine B. Haugen, OsloMet

Presentation by Trine B. Haugen, OsloMet

1. Feb | 2019

Marcus Thranes gate 2, meeting room 2nd floor

About the speaker

Trine B. Haugen is professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at OsloMet and head of the research group Male Reproductive Health. We will also meet several of the researchers from the group.

About the presentation

Our research group has a major emphasis on testicular cancer, male reproductive function, and assisted reproduction technology (ART). To study the aetiology of testicular cancer, we investigate gene variations and have identified risk loci involved in germ cell development and sex determination. The results are followed up by functional studies. We study obesity and male reproduction by investigating the relationship between BMI, semen quality, reproductive and metabolic hormones, and fatty acids in men across a broad weight range. Obesity is associated with impaired semen quality and unfavourable fatty acid profile in the sperm membrane. We have also started up a study where we use artificial intelligence to improve the selection of embryo and sperm for ART in order to increase the chance for successful treatment.