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CeFH lunch seminar: Simen Markussen "Trends in Assortative Mating and Offspring Outcomes"

Presentation by Simen Markussen, the Frisch Centre

Presentation by Simen Markussen, the Frisch Centre

14. Dec | 2018

Marcus Thranes gate 2, meeting room 2nd floor

About the speaker

Simen Markussen is a senior research fellow at the Frisch Centre, focussing on empirical research using Norwegian register data to investigate labour-market related questions. His research interests include labour economics, program evaluation, social insurance programs, empirical methods, health.

About the presentation

Based on administrative register data from Norway, we show that recently reported trends in educational assortative mating largely reflect changes in the sorting into education rather than changes in mating patterns. Using background characteristics that by construction have constant marginal distributions over time, such as parental earnings rank and own ability (IQ) rank, we show that assortative mating has declined at the bottom of the class/IQ distributions and remained stable at the top. In total, there has been a small decline in the degree of assortative mating over the past three decades. For the offspring generation, we find that the recent trends in mating patterns have contributed to a rise in average education and earnings and a drop in inequality.