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CeFH Genetics Friday: Maternal effects on child development: Accounting for gene-environment correlation and exploring gene-environment interaction

Presentation by Tom McAdams, King's College London, UK

Presentation by Tom McAdams, King's College London, UK

1. Mar | 2019

Marcus Thranes gate 2, meeting room 2nd floor

About the presentation

Parent-offspring associations could be due to several different modes of intergenerational transmission. Tom McAdams will present his work using the MoBa and other samples resolving gene-environment correlation. He will also present methods for assessing gene-environment interaction in such studies.

About the speaker

Tom McAdams is a Senior Research Fellow at King's College London. McAdams' work is focused on the role of the social environment in the development of common emotional and behavioural disorders. He has a interest in the use of genetically informative methodologies that allow for the distinction between potential "real" environmental effects and the confounding effects of gene-environment correlation.