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CeFH Genetic Friday: Data and information flow in the COVID-19 outbreak

Presentation by Simon Rayner, Oslo University Hospital

Presentation by Simon Rayner, Oslo University Hospital

20. Mar | 2020

Speaker: Simon Rayner, Oslo University Hospital

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, this seminar will be organised as a virtual meeting through Skype for Business. 

To access remotely

Using Skype for Business

  • Search for MT2.201@vm.nhn.no
  • Start dialogue
  • Click camera icon
  • Start video

Using a browser

  • Go to join.nhn.no
  • Select if you will join by content, video or voice
  • Enter 995009, no password
  • Click “Continue”
  • Enter your name
  • Click “Join call”

Using a phone

  • Call 77 60 21 00
  • Enter 995009
  • End with #

If you experience problems with the access code, please try using the full adresse: MT2.201@vm.nhn.no from your browser or phone.

About the speaker

Simon Rayner is group leader of the Bioinformatics group at the Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University Hospital and Professor II at the University of Oslo. He has been working in bioinformatics in both industry and academia. His research focuses on the development of methods for mining and visualizing big data. He have a particular interest in genome evolution at the molecular level and the subsequent impact at the functional level; to this end, he has currently worked with Whole Genome Sequence, Whole Exome Sequence, RNA Seq and smallRNA NGS datasets. However, whereas “traditional” genetic methods are focusing on the collective effect of point mutations within coding regions and their role in disease, he is examining the role of non-coding RNAs in disease and how mutations in these regions can be associated with disease.


The Centre for Fertility and Health is a Centre of Excellence (SFF) at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health funded by the Research Council of Norway.