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3rd Annual CeFH Symposium

The symposium is organised by the Centre for Fertility and Health.

The symposium is organised by the Centre for Fertility and Health.

24. Sep | 2020

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

We’re happy to invite you to the 3rd Annual CeFH Symposium!

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The scientific goal of our Centre is to advance the understanding of how changes in patterns of fertility and family structure influence child and adult health through social and biological pathways. This is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor and we work to promote cross-discipline collaboration, creating knowledge across disciplinary borders, and mutual understanding. In this context, this year’s Symposium will give an overview and discussion of methodological approaches applied in economics, sociology, epidemiology and genetics to study family and health. In addition, researchers from our Centre and abroad will present recent findings in the field of family, fertility and health.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Ole Røgeberg, the Frisch Center
  • Jo Thori Lind, Department of Economics at the University of Oslo
  • Miriam Evensen, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Jordana Bell, King's College London
  • Matthijs Kalmijn, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute and member of the advisory board at CeFH

Young researchers from our Centre will showcase the variety of our research on family, fertility and health, with a focus on their methodological approaches.

Due to the unpredictable travel situation in the context of coronavirus, the event will take place as a virtual symposium this year. If the situation allows it, we hope to be able to arrange the symposium as a physical meeting for those who are based in Oslo. As we approach the conference, we will update this page with a detailed program and information about access to the online conference.


The Centre for Fertility and Health is a Centre of Excellence (SFF) at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.