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Meningococcal vaccine for adolescents studying in the USA


Studenter. Foto: Colourbox.com

Many American universities require students to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease (type ACWY). In Europe, there are two approved vaccines, Menveo and Nimenrix, of which only Menveo is approved in the USA. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is aware that some American universities are not approving vaccination with Nimenrix, despite it being a comparable vaccine.

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The US Embassy in Norway has been in contact with several American universities concerning the matter, and the vast majority will now approve vaccination with Nimenrix.

To make it easier for Norwegian adolescents to get their Nimenrix vaccination approved in the USA, please refer to the attached memo from the American authorities about the use of the vaccine. It concerns American children who are vaccinated with Nimenrix in Europe, and states that they do not need further vaccination with Menveo:

 The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that young people aged 16 - 19 years should consider taking the meningococcal ACWY vaccine. Protection lasts for several years. Both Menveo and Nimenrix are available in Norway.