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About Norhealth

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Norhealth is a Norwegian health information system which presents key statistics on health and the prevalence of diseases and risk factors in the Norwegian population, and also some background population statistics. Data are collected from several national health registers and surveys and are presented at the national and regional level.

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Norhealth contains more than 100 indicators. Within each indicator, you can create your own tables, figures and maps by using the menus and icons at the top of the page.

The indicators are categorised into several groups:

  • About population
  • Living conditions
  • Environment
  • Schools
  • Living habits
  • Health and disease
  • Social Inequalities in Health

Norway is in a unique position with many good quality health registries. Data from these are collected, along with information from Statistics Norway and Norwegian health studies, into the online municipal statistics bank and the Norhealth statistics bank. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has produced a range of fact sheets that use the Norhealth statistics bank as a source of interactive diagrams and tables.


Visitor statistics are recorded for Norhealth. The editorial and technical personnel use these statistics to develop the content and navigation. Visitor statistics are based on Google Analytics and we use a feature where the exact IP address of the visitor is not stored at either Google or NIPH.


The content and layout on these webpages (www.norgeshelsa.no) are protected by copyright. The Norwegian Insitute of Public Health gives permission to copy text, tables and figures referring to the source, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (www.norgeshelsa.no). Reference to the source must be given for every table and figure. We recommend the use of links by reuse on internet. We are not responsible for misuse of the statistics.