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About the Norwegian Immunisation Registry SYSVAK

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SYSVAK is a national, electronic immunisation registry that records an individual’s vaccination status and vaccination coverage in Norway.

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Prior to SYSVAK becoming nationwide in 1995, some counties had sent vaccination information to its precursor SYSBARN, which was established in 1976. The main purpose has been to register all children who are vaccinated according to the Childhood Immunisation Programme.

Information collected by SYSVAK will help to: 

  • maintain an overview of the vaccination status of the individual and ensure that all children are offered adequate vaccination in the Childhood Immunisation Programme 
  • monitor vaccination coverage in the Norwegian population for the diseases that can be prevented, at national, county and municipal level 
  • form a basis for research into the effectiveness of the vaccines in the programme.

All vaccinations are registered in SYSVAK.

What is registered in SYSVAK?

The main rule is that all vaccinations should be registered in SYSVAK, regardless of age and type of vaccine. Registration of vaccines given outside the Childhood Immunisation Programme requires consent from the person being vaccinated.

Vaccinations that are registered in SYSVAK contain personal identifiable information such as name, personal identity number and the code for the vaccine, the disease vaccinated against, and vaccination date.

Vaccination information for individuals

The person registered (and a child’s parent/guardian) are entitled to know what information is registered about them. A vaccination certificate can be obtained from the health clinic or school health service in the municipality of residence.

You can also print out an international vaccination certificate by using the public service My Vaccines