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Notification of birth to the Medical Birth Registry of Norway


All births in Norway are notified to the Department of Medical Birth Registry (MBRN) at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Notifications are sent continuously, and at the latest one week after discharge from the maternity unit. One form is submitted per child.

The country's maternity units are responsible for notifying births. All pregnancies ending after week 12 are notifiable and must be reported electronically to the MBRN. This also includes stillbirths. The MBRN is responsible for studying the causes of disease and disability in newborns and infants. The register will clarify the causes and consequences of congenital abnormalities and other health problems related to pregnancy or childbirth.

The following documents apply for electronic notification to the MBRN

Here is the English version of the birth notification form, in 4 parts (A-D):

What is registered and how is the information used?

The country's maternity units are responsible for notifying births. They record information about the mother, father and children, such as parents' names, personal number, place of residence and various aspects of pregnancy and birth. The information will provide knowledge and information about maternal health and mortality related to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, and child health and mortality in connection with pregnancy and birth.