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  • Publications list for Cause of Death Registry


Publications list for Cause of Death Registry

List of academic articles based on data from the Cause of Death Registry


List of academic articles based on data from the Cause of Death Registry

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Health registries are an important tool to monitor the health status of the population. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is responsible for several large health registries.

Researchers can apply for data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's health registries and health studies:

This is an overview of published articles (based on data from the Cause of Death Registry) extracted from academic index databases. The search results rely on the registries being cited correctly in the summary. It may not be complete.


Aas K, Axcrona K, Kvale R, Moller B, Myklebust TA, Axcrona U, Berge V, Fossa SD. Ten-year Mortality in Men With Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer in Norway. Urology. 2017;110:140-7.  

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