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Cannabis in Norway - project description

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Of the illicit drugs, cannabis is used most both in Norway and in the wider Western world. We know far too little about people’s consumption of cannabis in Norway.


Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Norway and in the other developed countries. There are constant discussions about the legal status of the substance and many jurisdictions have introduced different forms of liberalization of an earlier strict ban. Increased THC content in organic cannabis, new synthetic cannabis products, increased online marketing, new products, new intake methods, increased cannabis production in Norway and Europe and new evidence of harms and consequences are among the factors that indicate that cannabis use should be carefully monitored. There is insufficient knowledge about cannabis use in Norway (users, cannabis products sold and used in Norway, cannabis use combined with other drugs) and the consequences of use (extent and type of control expenditures and unintended consequences, how many people seek treatment for cannabis problems, type of treatment offered, education and employment, health effects, third-party injuries etc.) and the cannabis market (the range of different types of cannabis, home growing, distribution, supply side participants).

See the full project description at Cristin for more information about results, researchers, contact information etc.

Project participants

Project leader

Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen, Avdeling for rusmidler og tobakk, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Project participants

Jasmina Burdzovic, Avdeling for rusmidler og tobakk, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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