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New guidelines for MoBa

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New guidelines for access to data and biological material from MoBa have been introduced. All principal investigators (PIs) should be aware of the revised guidelines.

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Three main points are particularly important:

  • REC approval is required for any project before the application will be considered by MoBa

In spring 2015, MoBa changed the practices for the release of data files. This means that all researchers who want to access MoBa data must obtain a project specific approval from the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC-approval) before questionnaire data can be released. This also applies to extension of projects, new data releases, new scientific aims to be answered in an ongoing sub-study, and new publications. Applications for MoBa will not be registered and considered before REC-approval and financing are in place.

  • Reservation of rights while applying for funding is no longer granted

The practice of reserving scientific aims for a project proposal while applying for funding has ended. MoBa can still issue letters of support for grant applications to confirm that the scientific aim of the project proposal falls within MoBa’s general purpose and that MoBa is supportive to the research initiative.

  • Exclusivity to scientific aims is not given to new projects or to projects that are extended

New research projects will not be given exclusivity to answer scientific aims although exceptions can be made in some cases: 

  • PhD projects can have exclusive rights to limited, specific scientific aims for three years 
  • Major sub-cohorts such as in the ABC, ADHD and SOL studies will retain exclusive rights to pursue specific scientific aims to be answered based on additional data collected on the sub-cohort participants, but not to the data themselves 
  • Projects that finance analyses of biological material will be able to negotiate exclusive rights for a limited period for specific research questions, but not to the analytic data themselves

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