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Call for proposals:

Evaluating Ebola vaccine, diagnostics and treatment efforts in Guinea


Proposals are being accepted for the project “Assessing the process of the development of Ebola vaccines, diagnostics and treatments during the 2014-15 epidemic.” Eligible organisations, institutions and/or consortiums are encouraged to apply by January 20th 2016.

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The project is in two parts and applicants may submit proposals for one or both:

1. Report on overall development process for vaccines, diagnostics and treatments

This report will document all trials for vaccines, diagnostics and treatments coordinated through the meetings and teleconferences convened by WHO, from phase I to III in multiple locations. It should focus on the results of WHO’s efforts to make transparent, coordinate and legitimize international R&D collaboration in epidemic emergencies.

This evaluation should explore the organization of the various trials, strengths and weaknesses of the processes, and provide recommendations for improvement and potential for generalizability to other settings for emergency R&D.

2. In-depth study of the Guinea Ebola vaccine efficacy trial project

The study will provide a comprehensive assessment of the process of the Ebola vaccine phase III trial in Guinea. The purpose of the report will be to document the process in detail, and it will be of great value to document lessons learned.

This evaluation should explore the organization of processes, strengths and weaknesses of implementation and management practices, and provide recommendations for improvement. The report should compare expected processes to existing processes.

Further details can be found in the Call for proposals: Documentation of the WHO led international coordination of developing Ebola vaccines, treatments and diagnostics, and the development process of the Ebola Vaccine Trial in Guinea document.

Deadline: Applications should be submitted to Bjørg Nilsson by January 20th 2016