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Successful seminar leads to more research collaboration in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan

Research into tuberculosis (TB), bacterial meningitis, hepatitis and influenza and the disease burden in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan were the focus of a rewarding three-day seminar held in Addis Abeba in December 2013.

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Everyone was keen to share knowledge and build networks

Over 90 researchers, health professionals and government representatives took part and they were encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge and to establish networks and new collaboration projects.
The seminar focused on updates in: 
  • disease burden status and epidemiology for TB, bacterial meningitis, hepatitis and influenza 
  • epidemiology and molecular characterisation, diagnostic and treatment, and vaccine development for TB and bacterial meningitis 
  • ongoing research collaborations for TB, bacterial meningitis and influenza 
  • opportunities and challenges for collaborative research

A practical laboratory training course about modern methods for diagnosis of tuberculosis and bacterial meningitis was also held for 19 laboratory professionals from the three countries.

The seminar was arranged by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), the Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) and Oslo University Hospital (OUS), and was funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the NIPH.

AHRI and NIPH have a Memorandum of Understanding based on a common goal of improving public health and reducing health inequalities through interventions to address public health challenges. Their aim is to contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goals for infectious disease prevention and control.

AHRI, NIPH and OUS currently run five collaborative research projects for TB, bacterial meningitis and influenza. The research topics build upon complementary strengths and expertise, and include capacity building for improved infectious disease prevention and control in Ethiopia.

The feedback from the seminar participants was extremely positive and various new collaboration projects were discussed and planned as a result.

AHRI Etiopia des 2013 sudan cropped.jpg
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 Seminar participantsCertificates after a laboratory training course