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arkiv - Further spread of Ebola virus not anticipated in Norway

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A Norwegian field worker working for Doctors Without Frontiers in Sierra Leone has been confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus. The field worker will be transported to Norway for treatment, but the Norwegian Institute of Public Health does not anticipate further spread of the infection in this country.

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ebolavirus.  Frederick Murphy / CDC
ebolavirus. Frederick Murphy / CDC
Line Vold, Assistant Director for the Division of Infectious Disease Control says that the Norwegian health care system is well prepared to handle such a situation.

“The risk of further Ebola infection in Norway is extremely low. We have good treatment and thorough safety practices that ensure that the infected person will be well looked after and there is little risk that the disease will spread further in the country” she says.

The Norwegian health authorities are monitoring the situation carefully and will follow the World Health Organization's assessments and advice.