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Offshore potable water supply

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Heisekraner kaianlegg offshore
Foto: FHI - Eyvind Andersen

Offshore units such as platforms, drilling ships and pipeline-laying vessels operating under Norwegian jurisdiction are required to have a potable water system and potable water supply in accordance with Norwegian regulations. The County Governor of Rogaland is authority for all offshore units operating in Norwegian waters, and the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) is authority for mobile offshore units with Norwegian flag. From January 1st 2017 the NIPH no longer works for any of the authorities regarding offshore potable water supply.

5th edition of the guideline:

This guideline was issued in January 2017.  It includes all the advice from the NIPH on how to design and operate offshore potable water systems on offshore units, based on the applicable requirements in the Norwegian Regulations.

Norwegian regulations

The regulations for offshore potable water supply must be met to ensure good water quality and a system that is functioning properly regardless of how the water is supplied to the unit.  These regulations have the same basic requirement: "Potable water shall be available in sufficient quantities, be hygienically satisfactory and moreover be clear, without smell, flavour and colour", ref.:

The owner/operator company is responsible for compliance with the regulations and thus there is no formal public approval of the potable water supply.

Approval of products

All potable water additives and UV-units must be approved:

For materials and coatings there is no requirement for Norwegian approval anymore. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that such products can be used without any health risk or risk of un-acceptable change in quality (e.g smell and taste). Products with potable water approval from other European countries will normally be of sufficient quality, given that they are used according to the manufacturer's instructions. The NIPH does not evaluate such products anymore.

Please note that the NMA has introduced new and stricter requirements for documentation of tank coating, ref. section 7 in the potable water regulations for mobile offshore units.