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2014 - Smoking and tobacco consumption in Norway - summary

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Denne versjonen av kapitlet ble publisert i Folkehelserapporten 2014. Kapitlet ble arkivert november 2016 i forbindelse med publisering av ny versjon.

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The proportion of the population who smoke daily or occasionally has gone down significantly but smoking is still a major health problem. About 15 per cent are daily smokers and 10 per cent smoke occasionally. Smoking during pregnancy has decreased but 5-8 per cent of pregnant women still smoke.

The use of smokeless tobacco (snus) has increased sharply. Nicotine administered this way is highly addictive. Since many young women use smokeless tobacco, this could mean that there will be more nicotine-dependent pregnant women. Nicotine from smokeless tobacco can affect foetal growth. We do not have an overview of how many pregnant women use smokeless tobacco.