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Health profile for Oslo – adolescents, adults and the elderly

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The Norwegian Institute of Public Health prepared a health profile for Oslo based on data from HUBRO, as requested by the City of Oslo and the Program for City-focused research.

The health profile consists of three reports in which one focuses on children and adolescents, one for adults and one for the elderly. The health profile also includes data from other sources, such as Statistics Norway. Other results from the survey can be found in the left menu under 'Publications.'

Here is a summary of some of the findings of the reports, which are only available in Norwegian.

Young people

  • Many of Oslo's 15 - and 16-year-olds reported that they had good or very good health (85% of girls and 90% of boys). 
  • 13% of girls and 20% of boys said that they spent more than 5 hours daily in front of the TV / PC / video. 
  • 17% of boys and girls said that they drank alcohol once a week or more often. Three out of four 15-16-year-olds had "occasionally" drunk alcohol.


  • Oslo is one of the three counties in Norway with the fewest number of smokers, and mortality from heart attack and stroke is lower than elsewhere in the country. 
  • The suicide rate has been declining, but is still higher than in the general population of Norway.
  • Health differences between ethnic Norwegians and those with an immigrant background were greater in the older age groups than in the younger. 
  • There are large geographical differences within Oslo when it comes to health.


  • Many elderly, especially women, feel unsafe when out alone in the evening in their neighbourhood. 
  • Half of the elderly answered "don’t know" when asked if they thought they would get help from health or home-help services if they needed it.