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  • Division for Health Services


Division for Health Services

The division provides a knowledge base for decision makers at all levels in the health care services, from central government to the municipal health service.


The division provides a knowledge base for decision makers at all levels in the health care services, from central government to the municipal health service.

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Who are we here for

Our users include policy makers, administrators, health personnel, and patients across government, municipal health services, specialist health services and welfare sectors. We also make knowledge available to the general public directly.

What we deliver

We offer evidence-based products and services within four areas: (1) health services research, (2) reviews and health technology assessments, (3) knowledge dissemination and (4) global health. Our reports are available at www.fhi.no.

1. Health services research

How well is the health system performing? We provide registry-based quality measurements of health services. We conduct surveys and analyses of user-reported experiences, incidents and outcomes. We also provide analyses of health services in Norway compared to those in other countries.

2. Reviews and health technology assessments

Which interventions should be scaled up or down? We provide systematic reviews of research on the impact of interventions in the health and welfare sectors, as well as systematic reviews on disease diagnosis, prognosis and patient experience. We conduct health technology assessments (HTAs), including assessments of the safety, effect and cost-effectiveness, of new interventions being considered for introduction into the health services.

3. Knowledge dissemination

How can we best disseminate and utilise existing knowledge? We provide advice on how to put knowledge into action, and we conduct our own research on knowledge translation.

We provide nationwide access to point-of-care information summaries, scientific journals and databases through The Norwegian Electronic Health Library. The Library is also a sharing platform and publishes guidelines and medical procedures on behalf of The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the health care trusts. We also conduct extensive educational activities, with an emphasis on teaching, to promote knowledge-based practice, and we support learning networks and quality improvement work for optimal care pathway in the municipalities.

4. Global health

How can we best strengthen health systems in low and middle-income countries? How can stakeholders best collaborate across countries to meet the challenges calling for global collective action? We gather evidence on the best way to organise health systems in low and middle-income countries, support the implementation of electronic information systems and conduct research on the optimal design of such systems, including mHealth applications. We support the strengthening of epidemic preparedness in multiple countries. We study global cooperation on epidemics, antibiotic resistance and access to medicine. We help build capacity in countries, and we assist The World Health Organization (WHO) and Norwegian authorities in their international efforts.

Across these areas, the division conducts research and dissemination of knowledge on the health of migrants and their use of health services.