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Emergency telephone numbers

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Norwegian Poison Information Centre: (+47) 22 59 13 00

The Norwegian Poison Information's helpline is manned all hours for both the healthcare service and the general public. They give advice about poisons, symptoms and treatment.

Infectious Disease Control – Duty Medical Officer: (+47) 21 07 63 48

During office hours, the NIPH can be contacted on 21 07 70 00.  Outside office hours: 21 07 63 48. 

This service is for healthcare professionals. Members of the public should contact their own GP or local health service.

During office hours, the switchboard (21 07 70 00) is the main contact for all infection control questions.  For notification and consultation about infectious diseases that cannot wait until office hours, contact the Duty Medical Officer. The service is manned outside office hours. 

Environmental and chemical incidents: (+47) 22 59 13 25

Notifications of environmental and chemical incidents according to Regulations on Environmental Health Protection Section 6 are received around the clock. The phone number is serviced by employees at the Poison Information Centre.
Since 1 January 2017, the municipalities have a duty under Section 6 of the Regulations on Environmental Health Protection to notify the Norwegian Institute of Public Health of health threats due to environmental incidents. The notification shall form the basis for the NIPH to assist the municipalities if necessary, and to consider international notification. The duty arises when the health threat is unusual or unexpected for the time and place, can cause significant illness, injury or death or where the number of affected people will increase rapidly and uncontrollably.

Vaccination advice: (+47) 21 07 70 00

This service is for healthcare professionals.

Weekdays from 1 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Emergency delivery of vaccines and immunoglobulin (+47) 21 07 70 00

Delivery of vaccines and immunoglobulin that are urgently required is possible, around the clock. Orders can be made by telephone. A doctor is also available for advice and evaluation of indications.

  • During office hours contact the Norwegian Institute of Public Health at (+47) 21 07 70 00: Refer to immediate medical assistance and post-exposure prophylaxis. Ask to speak with a doctor or pharmacist in the Department of Vaccine.
  • Outside office hours: doctors can refer to Vitus Apotek in Jernbanetorvet, Oslo (tel. (+47) 23 35 81 00), which is open all hours. The pharmacy can also contact the Duty Medical Officer to evaluate the indications and dosage. 
    If necessary, the Duty Medical Officer can be contacted outside office hours for consultation before ordering from Vitus Pharmacy.

Microbiological emergency - Duty Officer: (+47) 95 21 49 93

The microbiological emergency response team is a manned service for police and the medical microbiological laboratories. The Duty Officer should be contacted for the examination of "powder letters" or if there is a clinical / microbiological suspicion of infection with possible bioterrorism agents (bacteria of infection grade 3). It is important to examine samples as soon as possible. In addition to examination of bacteria cultures, real time PCR can also be performed directly from the sample.

National Water Watch: (+47) 21 07 88 88

National Water Watch is a 24-hour advisory service for waterworks that need advice and help in the event of urgent incidents that may affect the water supply.

Pest helpline: (+47) 21 07 77 00

The pest control department answers questions about pests and pest control. This is a service for everyone, including the municipal health service, pest companies and the public. The pest hotline is staffed on weekdays between 13.00-14.00. 

Duty Press Officer: (+47) 21 07 83 00

The press centre has a Duty Press Officer available all day for enquiries from the media. The Duty Press Officer can assist in obtaining information and contacting the appropriate spokesperson in each case. E-mail: