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  • Notification about risk of infection


Notification about risk of infection

You have been nearby someone who has confirmed coronavirus infection.

You have been nearby someone who has confirmed coronavirus infection.

There is a chance that you are also infected.

If you are partially or fully vaccinated, or have had COVID-19 in the last year, this notification does not apply to you.

We recommend that you are tested. Contact the municipality where you live to arrange a time and place to be tested.

If you have symptoms, you should stay at home while waiting for the test result. 

If the test shows that you have coronavirus, you must go into isolation and follow the rules.

Remember to notify us in the app if you tested positive. Then you can inform others that they have been exposed to infection. In this way, you are helping to break the chain of transmission. Nobody will know who reported the infection.

If the test is negative, and you later develop symptoms of COVID-19 you should be tested again.

Thank you for helping to stop transmission! More advice can be found on the NIPH website Coronavirus disease - advice and information (fhi.no). 


22.06.2021: Updated according to Norwegian version.