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Toxicology and Risk Assessment

The section is the main contact point within the NIPH for questions regarding the hazard and risk assessment of chemicals in food, water, cosmetics and consumer products for human health.

Toxicologists employed in the department assist the Environmental Protection Agency (biocides, REACH chemicals, substances of very high concern), the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Scientific Committee on the Safety of Food and the Environment, as well as environmental health personnel within the municipalities in Norway and the general public on the safety of chemicals for human health.

Scientists from the department also participate in international organisations like ECHA, EFSA and SCCS in panels and workgroups on the hazard and risk assessment of chemicals. This is important since Norway follows European regulations on chemicals.

We like to expand our in vitro and in silico activities and New Assessment Methods. Currently we have research projects in neurotoxicology and neurodevelopment using human stem cells. We have ongoing research projects in immunotoxicology using high-dimensional cytometry (CyTOF). We conducted a human biomonitoring study in Norway and still have a lot of biological material in our biobanks for translational biomarker research and exposure assessments.

Currently, we are participating in European H2020 projects like Eximious, Athlete, HBM4EU and EuroMix.

We welcome students from Norway and Europe to take a subject in our group for a minimum of 6-9 months. We have several student projects available where you can work in the lab, perform systematic literature reviews, do PBPK modelling or intake assessments. Interested students are welcome to contact Hubert Dirven to discuss opportunities. 


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department manager

Hubert Dirven

Fasttelefon: +47 21 07 64 02

Visiting address

Lovisenberggata 8

0456 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Hubert Dirven

Department Director

Tlf: +47 21 07 64 02

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Anna Jacobsen Lauvås

Tlf: +47 21 07 67 64

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Arip Ikhsani

Tlf: +47 21 07 68 45

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Berit Brunstad Granum

Senior scientist

Tlf: +47 21 07 66 96

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Birgitte Lindeman

Tlf: +47 21 07 62 24

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Bodil Hasseltvedt

Tlf: +47 21 07 66 72

M: +47 418 49 606

Photo of Dag Markus Eide

Dag Markus Eide


Tlf: +47 21 07 63 27

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Hege Hjertholm

Tlf: +47 21 07 64 03

M: +47 481 89 986

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Inger-Lise Karin Steffensen

Senior scientist

Tlf: +47 21 07 65 30

M: +47

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Oddvar Myhre

Tlf: +47 21 07 66 93

Photo of Tim Hofer

Tim Hofer

Researcher & Regulatory advisor

Tlf: +47 21 07 66 71

Ansatt bilde

Tone Marianne Rasmussen

Tlf: +47 21 07 62 45

M: +47

Photo of Trine Husøy

Trine Husøy

Senior scientist

Tlf: +47 21 07 63 85