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The library for the healthcare administration delivers library services to the institute, and four other agencies. The library includes the Substance Use library, which is open to everyone.

See the library's web pages (in Norwegian only)

The library for the healthcare administration was established on 1.1.2016 through a merging of libraries at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the Norwegian Board of Health, the Norwegian Medicines Agency, The Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

The Library includes the Substance Use library, which is a national resource library for substance use questions and which has a physical collection that is open to everyone.

The department is responsible for the fulfilment of orders and requests of Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) publications received through the NIPH website.

The department carries out research support for all research departments at the institute and has been assigned responsibility for assisting in the preparation of systematic reviews in the public health area. This requires the library, for example, to have methodological competence in systematic literature searches, identifying and locating published research, as well as how to document the procedure for ensuring transparency and verifiability. The library shall also offer guidance on the use of reference tools and databases, as well as register, highlight and maintain an overview of research results at the institute. The library is also responsible to ensure that employees have access to quality-assured electronic resources.

The department delivers library services to the healthcare administration agencies, and separate service agreements have been signed with each agency individually.

The Substance Use library houses its collection on the ground floor in MT6 and is available to anyone with substance use questions.

Main departmental tasks for the Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

  • Acquisition of literature – article orders, book purchases and book lending
  • Making accessible and administration/maintenance of the institute's electronic resources of publications and databases
  • Literature searches – extensive systematic searches and smaller searches
  • Reference management, reference lists
  • Assist in projects from start up to final result, publication
  • Registration and approval of scientific publications in CRIStin
  • Open Access – guidance, BioMed Central, registration of full text articles in Brage (institutional repository)
  • Dissemination of the institute's publications ordered via fhi.no

Main departmental tasks for the other healthcare administration agencies:

  • Ensure necessary library services to each agency in accordance with the signed agreements

Deliveries to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the other healthcare administration agencies:

  • Training and courses in reference management tool (EndNote)
  • Quality-assured reference lists
  • Search results and documentation of procedure
  • Reports from CRIStin for reporting internally and to the Health Department
  • Contact point for external requests regarding NIPH publications
  • Presentations at the in-house training programme for developing national guidelines at the Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Regular meetings with agencies in relation to follow up of service agreements

Main departmental tasks in relation to the Substance Use library:

  • Ensure that the Substance Use library is accessible to everyone
  • Serve external users who make enquiries to the library
  • Develop and maintain the Substance Use library's website
  • Development of the collection
  • Assist external users with literature searches, acquisition of literature, and offer guidance

Deliveries from the Substance Use library:

  • Search results and documentation of procedure
  • Book lending and copies of articles
  • Guidance and training


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department Director

Wenche Jacobsen

Mobiltelefon: +47 96 22 75 84

Visiting address

Marcus Thranes gate 6

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Wenche Jacobsen

Wenche Jacobsen

Department Director

M: +47 962 27 584

Photo of Astrid Merete Nøstberg

Astrid Merete Nøstberg

Senior Librarian

M: +47 984 99 334

Ansatt bilde

Bente Foss

Ansatt bilde

Cecilie Underthun

Tlf: +47

M: +47 477 01 165

Ansatt bilde

Grace Lubega

Senior Librarian

Photo of Marita Heintz

Marita Heintz

Head Librarian

M: +47 977 33 907

Ansatt bilde

Miriam Bakkeli

Head Librarian

Tlf: +47

M: +47 908 09 382

Ansatt bilde

Nataliya Byelyey

Senior Librarian

Photo of Ragnhild Agathe Tornes

Ragnhild Agathe Tornes

Head Librarian

M: +47 970 21 122

Ansatt bilde

Torunn Graftås

Senior Librarian

M: +47 920 55 050

Photo of Trude Anine Muggerud

Trude Anine Muggerud

Senior Librarian

Tlf: +47