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  • IT Systems Bergen


IT Systems Bergen


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department Director

Linda Askvik Faugstad

Mobiltelefon: +47 91 19 15 43

Visiting address

Zander Kaaesgate 7

5015 Bergen

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 973 Sentrum

N-5808 Bergen

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Photo of Linda Askvik Faugstad

Linda Askvik Faugstad

M: +47 911 91 543

Photo of Amund Torvund Berg

Amund Torvund Berg

M: +47 950 48 633

Photo of Anna Sophie Pettersen Sylta

Anna Sophie Pettersen Sylta

M: +47 990 27 270

Ansatt bilde

Damian Kazimierz Wejnerowski


M: +47 532 04 048

Photo of Elin Skaflestad

Elin Skaflestad

M: +47 996 10 532

Ansatt bilde

Gaute Øverås Lied

Ansatt bilde

Jan Arild Eileng

Photo of Magnar Sande

Magnar Sande

Senior Engineer Biobank

M: +47 913 19 160

Photo of Marius Troøyen

Marius Troøyen

Senior System developer

M: +47 936 21 150

Photo of Odd Andreas Hartvigsen

Odd Andreas Hartvigsen

Photo of Øistein Stemme

Øistein Stemme

Senior Engineer

M: +47 419 27 388

Ansatt bilde

Ole-Martin Kvinge

Senior Engineer

Ansatt bilde

Svein Olav Andersen

Photo of Torbjørn Gjerde

Torbjørn Gjerde

Senior Engineer

M: +47 901 36 362