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  • Health Promotion


Health Promotion

Department of Health Promotion is engaged in mental health research and analytics.

The departments work helps build knowledge of how social arenas such as local communities and work are linked to health. Key areas of expertise include health promotion, knowledge of health behaviours and risk factors, as well as evaluations of initiatives to improve mental health amongst the population.

Core tasks

Health analytics and advice

The department provides analysis and advice relating to many of its key areas of expertise, in particular sleep, sleep problems and mitigating measures to reduce sleep problems in the population. The department is involved in a number of evaluations of initiatives relevant to public health. The work is carried out in close co-operation with other departments specialising in this topic. Many of the department's employees are affiliated with the Centre for Burden of Disease. Based in Bergen, the department is involved in several areas of collaboration with the Division for Health Data and Digitalisation.


In line with its duties regarding health analytics and advice, the department aims its research primarily at sleep and sleep problems, the evaluation of measures relevant to public health, and the prevalence and consequences of mental health problems.


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department Director

Øystein Vedaa

Visiting address

Zander Kaaesgate 7

5015 Bergen

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 973 Sentrum

N-5808 Bergen

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Ansatt bilde

Øystein Vedaa

Photo of Amanda Iselin Olesen Andersen

Amanda Iselin Olesen Andersen

M: +47 404 83 951

Photo of Børge Sivertsen

Børge Sivertsen

Senior researcher

M: +47 997 69 262

Photo of Camilla Tjønneland Mentzoni

Camilla Tjønneland Mentzoni

M: +47 480 24 766

Photo of Catharina Wold Robson

Catharina Wold Robson

Photo of Gunnhild Johnsen Hjetland

Gunnhild Johnsen Hjetland

M: +47 951 06 943

Photo of Hilde Marie Engjom

Hilde Marie Engjom

Post doctoral researcher

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Ingebjørg Louise Rockwell Djupedal

Ansatt bilde

Ingunn Agnete Riise

M: +47 988 57 333

Photo of Jens Christoffer Skogen

Jens Christoffer Skogen

Research Professor

Tlf: +47

M: +47 945 27 617

Photo of Kari Klungsøyr

Kari Klungsøyr

Senior Medical Officer

M: +47

Photo of Leif Edvard Aarø

Leif Edvard Aarø

Senion Researcher

Tlf: +47

M: +47

Photo of Marit Burkeland-Lie

Marit Burkeland-Lie

PhD candidate

Ansatt bilde

Marit Knapstad

M: +47 992 35 930

Photo of Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Research Professor

M: +47 942 36 412

Ansatt bilde

Tony Mathias Leino


M: +47

Photo of Turi Reiten Finserås

Turi Reiten Finserås