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Unni Gopinathan

Senior scientist

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​Unni Gopinathan is a physician specializing in public health and senior researcher at the Cluster for Global Health at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. His current projects focus on the design of institutions and processes that support the generation and use of evidence to inform health policy decisions, and how the relationship between civil society involvement and evidence use shapes inclusive and accountable decision-making for universal health coverage. He currently leads/is co-investigator on three projects on these themes: (1) a NORAD-funded project on fair processes in health financing; (2) a RCN-funded project on community collective action, climate change and health; and (3) a RCN-funded project on supporting inclusive and accountable health systems decisions for universal health coverage.
Between 2016 – 2018, he was a post-doctoral fellow in the RCN-funded project “Strengthening International Collaboration for Capitalizing on Cost-Effective and Life-Saving


MD and PhD in Biomedical Chemistry and Infectious Disease Immunology from the University of OsloPost-doctoral fellowship in Health Policy and Insurance Research from Harvard Medical School

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Mobile: +47 482 94 074

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Sandakerveien 24c, Bygg D, 0473 Oslo

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