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Corporate Governance


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department manager

Nina Cecilie Boehlke

Mobiltelefon: +47 95 20 74 45

Visiting address

Sandakerveien 24 C

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Nina Cecilie Boehlke

Nina Cecilie Boehlke

M: +47 952 07 445

Photo of Berit Foss Hille

Berit Foss Hille

M: +47 930 97 118

Ansatt bilde

Cathrine Hangaas

M: +47 918 50 283

Ansatt bilde

Ellen Heidi Mensner Marthinsen

M: +47 932 92 152

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Erica Lie Crystal

Senior Financial Advisor

Ansatt bilde

Ingrid Horverak

M: +47 932 63 187

Photo of Ingvild Egner

Ingvild Egner

M: +47 997 04 998

Ansatt bilde

Irene Hellebø

Ansatt bilde

Morten Aambø

Ansatt bilde

Ole Andreas Fuglesang

Ansatt bilde

Randi Kristiansen

Senior advisor

Ansatt bilde

Santoucha Alice Pinas

Ansatt bilde

Unni Margrethe Linde

M: +47 930 83 475