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  • Centre for Fertility and Health


Centre for Fertility and Health

A Norwegian Centre of Excellence. Our scientific goal is to advance our understanding of health implications of changes in patterns of fertility and family structure.

More information about the centre:


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Subject director

Siri Eldevik Håberg

Fasttelefon: +47

Visiting address

Myrens verksted 2

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Siri Eldevik Håberg

Siri Eldevik Håberg

Director of CeFH

Tlf: +47

M: +47

Photo of Alvaro Hernaez Camba

Alvaro Hernaez Camba


M: +47

Photo of Anders Skrondal

Anders Skrondal

Senior Scientist/Professor

Tlf: +47

Photo of Anina Falch

Anina Falch

Research Finance Officer

M: +47 986 62 783

Photo of Astanand Jugessur

Astanand Jugessur

Senior scientist

Tlf: +47 98 67 99 19

M: +47 986 79 919

Photo of Ellen Øen Carlsen

Ellen Øen Carlsen

PhD candidate

M: +47 936 36 947

Photo of Espen Beer Prydz

Espen Beer Prydz

Doctoral Research Fellow

Photo of Fartein Ask Torvik

Fartein Ask Torvik

Senior researcher

M: +47 466 60 800

Photo of Fredrik Swift

Fredrik Swift

Head of Administration

M: +47 482 44 250

Photo of Frida Løvlie Bråttum

Frida Løvlie Bråttum


M: +47 411 91 289

Ansatt bilde

Håkon Kristian Gjessing

M: +47

Photo of Hans Fredrik Sunde

Hans Fredrik Sunde

PhD candidate

Tlf: +47

M: +47 995 88 824

Photo of Hans Ivar Hanevik

Hans Ivar Hanevik


Ansatt bilde

Huong Thu Nguyen

Photo of Ian Colman

Ian Colman

Visiting professor

Photo of Ida Henriette Caspersen

Ida Henriette Caspersen


Photo of Jennifer Ruth Harris

Jennifer Ruth Harris

Research director

M: +47 917 21 404

Photo of Jonas Minet Kinge

Jonas Minet Kinge

Senior researcher-health economics

Tlf: +47

Photo of Jonathan Wörn

Jonathan Wörn


Photo of Kåre Bævre

Kåre Bævre

Photo of Karoline Hansen Skåra

Karoline Hansen Skåra

PhD candidate

M: +47 975 42 433

Photo of Kathryn Christine Beck

Kathryn Christine Beck

PhD candidate

M: +47 950 52 151

Photo of Katrine Kranstad

Katrine Kranstad

Senior Adviser

Photo of Kristine Løkås Haftorn

Kristine Løkås Haftorn

PhD student

Photo of Lise Andrea Arge

Lise Andrea Arge

M: +47 411 09 037

Photo of Magnus Nordmo

Magnus Nordmo

Post doc

Photo of Maria Christine Magnus

Maria Christine Magnus


Tlf: +47

M: +47 991 60 012

Photo of Marianne Hopen Rørholt

Marianne Hopen Rørholt

PhD candidate

Photo of Martin Flatø

Martin Flatø


M: +47 976 65 326

Photo of Miriam Gjerdevik

Miriam Gjerdevik

Post doc

Photo of Øystein Kravdal

Øystein Kravdal

Principal investigator (professor)

M: +47 480 20 904

Photo of Robert Lyle

Robert Lyle

Senior Scientist

Ansatt bilde

Rolv Terje Lie

Tlf: +47 55 58 85 33

Photo of Siri Nærland Skodvin

Siri Nærland Skodvin

PhD candidate

M: +47 930 03 328

Ansatt bilde

Sofie Sara Abrahamsson

Post doc

Photo of Thang Dinh Dang

Thang Dinh Dang

M: +47 406 35 368

Photo of Thea Karoline Walstad Grindstad

Thea Karoline Walstad Grindstad


Ansatt bilde

Thomas Haarklau Kleppestø

Photo of Vegard Fykse Skirbekk

Vegard Fykse Skirbekk


Tlf: +47

Photo of Yunsung Lee

Yunsung Lee