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Terms and conditions for use of text and illustrations

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The Norwegian Institute of Public Health Institute provides advice and assistance to governments, the health service, the judiciary, politicians, media and the public. Information about health surveillance data, infectious disease control, environmental medicine, epidemiology, mental health, and drug research is published on this website.

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Use of text from fhi.no

The copyright for all text on fhi.no belongs to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health unless otherwise stated. If you are quoting from the text, please follow the accepted practice of referring to the source, e.g. 'Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Facts about ADHD. Downloaded / read date..... (add date).'

Information on fhi.no is of a general nature and is not intended to replace a medical consultation. If you have questions about your own health, please contact your doctor. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is not responsible for damages related to the use of the content, services or links on the website, nor is it responsible for the content of external sites which are linked to the website.

Use of tables and graphs

The Norhealth statistics bank and the municipal health statistics bank contain tables and graphs with open and non-personally identifiable data. You may digitally store, print and convey material from both statistics banks (text, tables and figures) as long as you cite the source of each table and figure, as follows: 'Source: Norhealth statistics bank, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, http://www.norgeshelsa.no

You may also reproduce tables and graphs from the health statistics fact sheets but you must cite the source e.g., 'Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Cardiovascular disease in Norway- fact sheet with health statistics. E-pub http://www.fhi.no/(relevant page url), downloaded / read ... (add date).'

If you reproduce tables and figures on the internet, we recommend using links instead of posting a copy of the tables and figures.

You may not use tables and graphs in a way that would provide misleading information.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health accepts no responsibility for the quality of information where data from Norhealth and the Municipal Health statistics banks are used. For other statistics banks on fhi.no, see their terms of use.

Use of photographs and illustrations published on fhi.no

The media may use the available press photo and logos from the press information pages. 

Illustration photos that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has purchased from suppliers under copyright cannot be used by other parties. Photos and drawings on fhi.no where the Norwegian Institute of Public Health owns the image cannot be used by other parties without prior consent in each case. For diagrams from statistics banks see above.


Visitor statistics are recorded for fhi.no. The editorial and technical personnel use these statistics to develop the content and navigation. Visitor statistics are based on Google analytics and fhi.no uses a feature where the IP address of the visitor is not stored at either Google or fhi.no.

Security and login to My Vaccines

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health provides the My Vaccines service. This service contains personal information. Login requires the highest level of security with electronic ID level 4. The My Vaccines service accesses data from the Norwegian Immunization Registry (SYSVAK). You can opt to not register some vaccinations, such as seasonal influenza and travel vaccines.