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Vegard Skirbekk

Researcher, Professor, Dr

Phone:+47 +4721078318
Vegard Skirbekk
Visiting address: Marcus Thranes gate 6, 0473 Oslo

Areas of Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Global burden of disease, global health, demography


Vegard Skirbekk is a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and a professor at Columbia University. He studies the burden of disease, its determinants and trend. Skirbekk’s research on health variation comes from an interdisciplinary perspective. His research includes population-based projections, where developing scenarios for changes in mortality, aging and fertility variation is central. Other focus areas include health interactions with welfare systems, productivity change, and culture, often with a global perspective. He has received large grants from, among others, ERC and PEW and has led several international research projects.